organic trade show, organic fair, Europe fairs, Italy fairsVinitaly is an international wine competition and exposition that is held annually in April in the Italian wine region of Verona in northeast Italy. The event is open to both the public and wine professionals featuring an average of 3000 wines from several dozen countries. First held in 1967, VinItaly has been called the “most important convention of domestic and international wines” and the “largest wine show in the world”.

For producers in the Italian wine industry, attendance and the reception that their wines receive is considered a barometer for measuring the health and success of the market, particularly for emerging Italian wine regions. The event is also used as an opportunity by wineries to release new wines and wine styles or announce partnerships with universities, organic and biodynamic wine organizations or even other wineries. Along with Vinexpo, which is held every other year in the French wine region of Bordeaux, VinItaly is considered one of the premier international wine events.

Exhibitors 4200, Visitors 150.000

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