Sustainable Foods SummitThe Sustainable Foods Summit is a series of international summits that focuses on the leading issues the food industry faces concerning sustainability and eco-labels, such as Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Certified, etc.

The aim of the Sustainable Foods Summit is to explore new horizons for eco-labels and sustainability in the food industry by discussing key industry issues. How do organic, fair trade and other eco-labels further sustainability? When, if ever, will there ever be a single sustainability standard for food products? What are best-practices in measuring sustainability performance? Such issues are regularly addressed at each summit.

The Sustainable Foods Summit is devised for key stake-holders in the food industry that include:

  • Food & beverage companies
  • Ingredient & raw material suppliers
  • Retailers & distributors
  • Packaging companies
  • Industry organizations
  • Certification agencies
  • Academics & researchers
  • Investors & financiers

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