organic food label, organic certification, eco label, North America labels, USA labelsThe Stemilt label indicates that fruit has been produced under the Responsible Choice Program – program certifies fruit orchards and the packing / handling of that fruit for integrated pest management (IPM) .

Stemilt uses the Responsible Choice label to represent all that is done in the land to conserve water, reduce inputs and promote good fruit production in a safe manner. Stemilt also uses the label to promote its recycling program that feeds over a thousand of acres through a compost farm program. Stemilt also maintains a social responsibility program under this label that focusses on treating people fairly and includes a health benift program and paid holidays as well as provided a safe and clean working environment. Community involvement is also included in which Stemilt provides support to many local charities and local events as well as being a strong economic backbone to the community.

Learn more: Stemilt Responsible Choice website