Spain remains the EU’s largest organic producer

In 2015, Spain was still the EU country with the most acreage devoted to organic crops, with 1.9 million hectares; 22% more than in 2010, according to data released by the EU statistics office, Eurostat. Specifically, Spain went from 1.6 to 1.9 million hectares in five years. Next in the rankings are: Italy (about 1.5 million hectares), France …

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Why Cookbook Clubs Should Be the New Way We Entertain

The idea behind Cookbook Club is a simple one—a group of friends all make recipes from the same book and gather to share the results, a crowdsourced feast. But there’s a bit of magic to Cookbook Club that I didn’t anticipate when I attended my first meeting, walking into an unfamiliar house clutching a bowl of pumpkin seed dip …



Does Organic Play A Role In Your Marketing?

Organic marketing, often referred to as green marketing, is the act of using environmentally-friendly practices when manufacturing, distributing, or advertising a business’s product. As the awareness of the hazards of environmental waste, chemical use, and greenhouse gases continues to increase, more and more companies are turning to organic …

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Organic farmer leads the way in weeding

Adrian Steele at Chapel Farm in Pershore chose to go organic to help combat herbicide resistance, specifically blackgrass, on the arable family farm, whilst maintaining viability. Weed control begins with planting using a combination drill in mid-October. Adrian uses a 4m drill to plant in rows 15cm apart that are mapped out by the GPS System … – Business Platform


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