organic food label, organic certification, eco label, Europe labels, Nordic labelsDemonstrates that a product is a good environmental choice. The “Swan” symbol, as it is known in Nordic countries, is available for 65 product groups.

The Swan checks that products fulfill certain criteria using methods such as samples from independent laboratories, certificates and control visits.

Each Nordic country has local offices with the responsibility for criteria development, control visits, licensing and marketing. In Denmark Nordic Ecolabel is administered by Ecolabelling Denmark at Danish Standards Foundation, in Sweden by Ecolabelling Sweden AB, in Finland by Finnish Standards, in Norway by The Foundation for Ecolabelling, and in Iceland by the The Environment Agency that operates under the direction of the Ministry for the Environment.

This ecolabel is found: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, South Africa.

Learn more: Nordic Ecolabel or “Swan” website