Naturland –Association for organic agriculture is a private certification body and an organic farmers association. Since 1982 organic food label, organic certification, eco label, Europe labels, Germany labelsNaturland promotes organic agriculture throughout the world and is currently active in 50 countries (state of December 2010). With its 53,000 farmers and over 500 manufacturers as Naturland partners, it is one of the major organic farming associations.

Naturland regards organic competence and social responsibility as interdependent. Social standards are an integral part of each Naturland certified product. Naturland certification standards range from organic food-production, organic aquaculture, sustainable capture fishery to processing and trade as well as non-food areas like organic forest management, organic cosmetics and organic textiles.

Since the beginning of 2010, members and partners of Naturland have the opportunity for voluntary Naturland Fair certification. Naturland: – certification from one source.

This ecolabel is found: Germany, Mexico, Sri Lanka

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