Mushroom-CultivationSo you’ve got your bag/jar of spawn, and you’re ready to turn it into many bags (or buckets) of mushrooms. Here’s a simple + effective way to go about that process.

Firstly, take your bag or jar of spawn that you’ve either cultivated yourself, or bought from a mushroom supplier.

Break up the spawn (easier to do without touching the spawn if done in a bag, which is one reason why spawn is generally grown in bags).

Then it’s time to prepare the bulk substrate. This is the material that the mycelium (ie your spawn) will eat.

Different types of mycelium like to eat different types of things. Here we’re using oyster mushroom mycelium, which grows well on straw and other high-carbon, grassy materials.

Here we’re using organic sugarcane bagasse – because it’s a waste product, and easy to replicate for our students at home.


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