promote organic agriculture, connecting organic farmersWith more than 750 member organizations from 116 countries, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) unites people globally for the purpose of promoting organic agriculture. Among notable initiatives in which IFOAM is involved are the Global Organic Market Access (GOMA) project and the Development, Production and Trade of Organic Tea in China and India project.

IFOAM helps farmers adopt ecologically, socially and economically responsible agricultural systems. Organic farmers use sustainable practices to encourage the long-term health of the land and to provide consumers with food free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. IFOAM also facilitates the development of markets for organic farmers to sell their products. Much of their work in recent years has focused on farmers in developing countries.

IFOAM was founded in France in 1972. The organization gradually grew to include other European countries, Canada, India, the United States and various African countries. IFOAM is governed democratically and is overseen by the World Board. Members of the World Board select committee members, task forces and other groups to implement programs that further the organization’s cause.