organic food label, organic certification, eco label, Europe labels, germany labelsDelinat Bio Garantie is a product label for the company Delinat, which makes wine from controlled organic production. The Delinat standards are centered around the concept of “biodiversity” and go beyond the general organic standards to include social requirements.

The following requirements must be met:

-all organic-certified grapes

-biological management of the entire vineyard area

-economical use of fertilization in closed loop

-maintained green throughout the year (except for dry areas)

-no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. The use of copper is limited to 4 kg per hectare and year. The goal is to replace them with alternatives, and to use mushroom-tolerant varieties. Sulfur may be used only in low concentrations.

-each wine must pass the taste test of a tasting commission

-only local (europena) wines

This ecolabel is found: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland.

Learn more: Delinat Bio Garantie website