Growing the same crops in the same site year after year reduces soil fertility

and can encourage a build up of pests, diseases and weeds in the soil. Organic Crops

should be moved to a different area of land each year, and not returned to the

original site for several years. For vegetables a 3 to 4 year rotation is usually

recommended as a minimum.


Crop rotation means having times where the fertility of the soil is being built up

and times where crops are grown which remove nutrients.


Crop rotation also helps a variety of natural predators to survive on the farm by

providing diverse habitats and sources of food for them.


A typical 4 year rotation would include a cycle with maize and beans, a root

crop and cereals with either of the following;

  1. Grass or bush fallow (a fallow period where no crops are grown).
  2. A legume crop where a green manure, which is a plant grown mainly for

the benefit of the soil, is grown.


organic farming