areal crops organicUsing an unmanned aerial system to take photos of fields can help farmers identify applicator or implement errors as well as stressed plants.

The AgEagle aerial system takes photos with a near infrared camera.

“We can see the blue, red and green bands of lights with our naked eyes,” said Kyle Miller, aerial applications engineer for AgEagle. He demonstrated the AgEagle system during a RavenX Event.

“We can tell the difference between a severely stressed leaf and a healthy leaf because it is easy for our eyes to understand that,” Miller said. “But between a healthy leaf and a slightly stressed leaf that has nitrogen deficiency, aphid infestation or water damage, it’s a lot harder to see and that’s why we’re using near infrared.”

“There is huge gap between healthy and unhealthy vegetation that we can see with a near infrared image before the naked eye can comprehend it,” Miller said. “We’re able to find crop stress two weeks before the naked eye can even see it.”

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