A New Food Label Supports Farmers As They Transition To Organic

If farmers want to go organic, they face a major challenge: It takes three years of meeting strict standards before crops can be certified organic. In the meantime, farmers have to deal with steep learning curves and costs without earning any more for the food they’re growing. It’s one of the reasons that despite huge demand for …

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This Organic Grocery Store in Germany Has No Waste, Packaging or Plastic Bags

For eco-conscious consumers, that dream is a reality in Berlin, Germany, where Original Unpackaged (Original Unverpackt) opened last year, according to The Epoch Times. The no-waste grocery store was founded by Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski, who envisioned a new way of sustainable shopping. At Original Unpackaged, shelves are stocked in bulk …

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Living mulch, organic fertilizer tested on broccoli

Field experiments examined whether the effects of living mulch on broccoli yield and yield components are dependent on fertilizer rates. In one experiment, broccoli yields were similar in living mulch and bare soil controls under the highest rates of fertilizer application. In a second experiment, living mulch reduced broccoli yields from … – Business Platform


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