Full Speed Ahead for Danish Organic Aquaculture

In recent years organic aquaculture has been rapidly on the rise in Denmark, and this trend is continuing with new products and ever-growing production levels. Since 2014, this small Nordic country has been Europe’s leading producer of organic trout, with a production capacity of around 1,100 tons per year and exports to a number of …

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Sisters stay true to organic principles with True Dough

Sisters Rebecca Biederman and Elizabeth Aarness have come a long way since rolling out True Dough organic pizza dough in 2013. The company, which got its start at the St. Paul Farmers’ Market, can now be found in 80 stores, including the frozen-food aisles of Kowalski’s Markets and co-ops like Mississippi Markets in St. Paul and …

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Scientists see a natural place for ‘rewilded’ plants in organic farming

One of the key elements of organic agriculture, as defined by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), is that it rejects unpredictable technologies, such as genetic engineering. But what if adding a gene from undomesticated plants to bring back a natural trait isn’t unpredictable, argue Danish scientists, … – Business Platform


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