Robots solve cow-walking problems

Markus, 53, farms in the deep west of Germany, close to the Belgian border and close to a picturesque tourist town called Monschau. The area is full of little roads and quite a number of residences along the way, making it a huge logistical problem for Markus to take the cows to the fields after milking. His solution was to install two Lely …

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Will the next superfood please stand up?

Moringa, algae, purple corn, and a few other foods are vying for superfood status, leaving kale, acai berries, blueberries, and chia and flax seeds in the dust. While superfoods have no accepted medical definition, they are typically high in nutrients. The hype around proclaimed superfoods is questionable, but that doesn’t seem to be …



Does Organic Play A Role In Your Marketing?

Organic marketing, often referred to as green marketing, is the act of using environmentally-friendly practices when manufacturing, distributing, or advertising a business’s product. As the awareness of the hazards of environmental waste, chemical use, and greenhouse gases continues to increase, more and more companies are turning to organic …

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Organic farmer leads the way in weeding

Adrian Steele at Chapel Farm in Pershore chose to go organic to help combat herbicide resistance, specifically blackgrass, on the arable family farm, whilst maintaining viability. Weed control begins with planting using a combination drill in mid-October. Adrian uses a 4m drill to plant in rows 15cm apart that are mapped out by the GPS System … – Business Platform


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