Food made by robots a future trend

Engineers are developing robots to automate single tasks, but experts predict that eventually, artificial intelligence could become as common a kitchen tool as a whisk. “It’s easy to take two things that seem completely at odds with each other and assume that there’s a tension,” said Zume Pizza co-founder and co-chief executive Julia …

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Danforth organic farmer wins sustainable ag award

Wilken grow corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, pumpkins, black beans, alfalfa, popcorn and seed corn on the 2,370 acres, with 1,900 acres certified organic, plus 370 in second-year transition to organic and 100 in the first year. The Wilkens have added nearly 1,000 acres since 2008. In some years, the corn may be popcorn, seed corn or food-grade …



Branding and in-store marketing: perfect together

Ahead of his presentation at the London Produce Show and Conference 2015, Professor John Stanton at St. Joseph’s University tells Jim Prevor’s Perishable Pundit why the produce industry must make use of modern technology for in-store marketing to be really successful in the future Source: Branding and in-store marketing: perfect together

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Research refining organic production methods

LAMBERTON — The University of Minnesota’s Southwest Research and Outreach Center near Lamberton is home to countless experimental plots where researchers are testing new corn varieties, tillage setups and production methods. It’s also home to several organic trials. Dry Edible Beans A growing market demand exists for organic dry … – Business Platform


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