Australian dairy farmers offered premium for organic milk

Australian Consolidated Milk (ACM), in Northern Victoria has offered farmers a guaranteed premium of $8/kg (42 c/l) for two years if they convert to organic milk production. ACM will have organic milk in the shops in February from 30 suppliers who are well on with their conversion to organic milk production. The company will produce UHT and …

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Urban Farmers Can Earn $75,000 on 15,000 Square Feet

Two surprising things happened to Curtis Stone the year he decided to start Green City Acres, in Kelowna, British Columbia. First, he became a town celebrity and, second, he made a good living doing it. In The Urban Farmer, Growing Food for Profit on Leased and Borrowed Land, Stone lays out his methodology for building a successful farm on a …



Social media becomes crucial marketing tool for small business

For the city and almost every business with a Facebook page, social media is no longer a place for people to check in with their friends and family. It’s an advertising tool. And it has become an extremely valuable marketing channel. Social media managers have been able to figure out some of the ways to get attention without spending money. … – Business Platform


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