Food made by robots a future trend

Engineers are developing robots to automate single tasks, but experts predict that eventually, artificial intelligence could become as common a kitchen tool as a whisk. “It’s easy to take two things that seem completely at odds with each other and assume that there’s a tension,” said Zume Pizza co-founder and co-chief executive Julia …

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New Prague organic foods store has a twist, but will it catch on?

Farmhouse Market has all the staples of a natural foods store — except the cashier. If successful, the New Prague market’s business model could provide a way for small communities to sustain stores that stock fresh, local food without high staffing costs. Members can enter 24 hours a day via a key card and use an iPad-like tablet to …



Marketing green products through package design

Color, icons, graphics and materials are just a few of the design elements that need to be considered when creating packaging for ‘green’ products in an omni-channel environment. The emerging shopping behaviors of millennial consumers—including product evaluation, selection, and channel preference—are having a significant impact on …

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Mushroom Cultivation: Pasteurising Bulk Substrate for Many Bags of Shrooms

So you’ve got your bag/jar of spawn, and you’re ready to turn it into many bags (or buckets) of mushrooms. Here’s a simple + effective way to go about that process. Firstly, take your bag or jar of spawn that you’ve either cultivated yourself, or bought from a mushroom supplier. Break up the spawn (easier to do without touching the … – Business Platform


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