Organic food trade set to grow under NZ-China agreement

Producers of organic food can expect a boost in exports with the signing of a certification agreement between New Zealand and China, New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) said Thursday, reports Xinhua. The Mutual Recognition Arrangement for Certified Organic Products would support the growth of the organics industry in New …



Marketing green products through package design

Color, icons, graphics and materials are just a few of the design elements that need to be considered when creating packaging for ‘green’ products in an omni-channel environment. The emerging shopping behaviors of millennial consumers—including product evaluation, selection, and channel preference—are having a significant impact on …

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Mushroom Cultivation: Pasteurising Bulk Substrate for Many Bags of Shrooms

So you’ve got your bag/jar of spawn, and you’re ready to turn it into many bags (or buckets) of mushrooms. Here’s a simple + effective way to go about that process. Firstly, take your bag or jar of spawn that you’ve either cultivated yourself, or bought from a mushroom supplier. Break up the spawn (easier to do without touching the … – Business Platform


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