Research refining organic production methods

LAMBERTON — The University of Minnesota’s Southwest Research and Outreach Center near Lamberton is home to countless experimental plots where researchers are testing new corn varieties, tillage setups and production methods. It’s also home to several organic trials. Dry Edible Beans A growing market …

Burrowing towards healthier soils – Woodland Trust

Earthworms are ecosystem engineers their activity alters the structure of the soil environment around them as they create burrows and move nutrients between different layers of soil. Read full article: Burrowing towards healthier soils – Woodland Trust

Compost Tea in Organic Farming

“FARMING is an art. Speaking with the same language to the soil and seeds and microorganisms and the environment is essential in farming. You have to have a connection with them.” This is according to Francis “Koko” Sajulga, the man behind Aloha Organic Garden located in Mahayag in Bunawan, …

Improving fodder quality with legumes

The cost of feed concentrates has increased and it takes up a good part of the dairy farmer’s earnings. Adding legumes in fodder production and preparation can help cut down feed costs and improve profits. Legunes provide fodder for livestock and improve soil fertility. Read full article: Improving fodder …

Organic farmer leads the way in weeding

Adrian Steele at Chapel Farm in Pershore chose to go organic to help combat herbicide resistance, specifically blackgrass, on the arable family farm, whilst maintaining viability. Weed control begins with planting using a combination drill in mid-October. Adrian uses a 4m drill to plant in rows 15cm apart that are …

Fly Management in the Organic Dairy Pasture

In this webinar, Dr. Donald Rutz and Keith Waldron of the New York State IPM Program will address several fly pests that attack cattle while they are out on pasture, especially horn, face, and stable flies. Each has distinctive habits, life histories, and management options.

Building Good Farm Team – Part 1

Making a good hiring decision helps farm owners/managers and farm workers build an efficient, productive and happy team. Where does a farmer find good employees? Read full article: Building Good Farm Team – Part 1 – Providence Sustainable Living |