Organic Farming at Cochin International Airport Limited

organic farming airportAir passengers who travel via Cochin International Airport Limited in Kochi, India, will soon be able to go home with a bag of organically-cultivated fresh vegetables from specially arranged outlets. Authorities have decided to commercially cultivate organic vegetables amid the photovoltaic panels of the solar plant at the airport.

CIAL has recently achieved the distinction of being the first solar-powered airport in the world by setting up a 12 MWp solar power plant comprising 46,150 solar panels laid across 45 acres near the airport. The airport authorities are planning to set up the organic vegetable garden amid the solar plant in the first phase and it would be extended to other vacant land holdings of the airport in a phased manner.

The officials have experimentally cultivated selected vegetables like pumpkin, ash gourd, ladies finger, cucumber and various varieties of cowpea amid the gap between photovoltaic panels laid on a three-acre area near the solar power plant and reaped rich harvest by making use of natural sunlight, but sans inorganic fertilizers and pesticides.

Around 30,000 air passengers pass through the airport daily  and in the initial stage, the organically-cultivated vegetables will be made available to these passengers only. However,  CIAL has plans to launch a brand in the name of ‘CIAL Organic’ and sell the vegetables through selected outlets in the malls and supermarkets in the city, said CIAL authorities.

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