New thinking for organic combinable crop agronomy

organic combinable crop agronomy

Mr Pawsey said: “Soil has a limited ability to store N, and its release is partly dictated by soil structure. Building fertility can help increase soil organic matter and balance the release of nitrous oxide [NO2] into the atmosphere,” he said.

He is taking inspiration from growers in Scandinavia in an effort to find new ways to grow crops and increase his soil fertility through green manures, this season introducing a three-in-one drill after seeing it at work on farms in Sweden.

The machine, called System Cameleon, is a drill, fertiliser applicator and inter-row cultivator in one, which allows producers to accurately place fertiliser between rows of winter-sown crops in the spring.

The drill can also act as an inter-row cultivator, with its automatic steering options combining camera images, GPS and a side-shift mechanism for accurate weeding between crop rows.

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