Indians warming up to organic food

india organicAs Indians grow more health conscious and aware of the effects of harmful chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers, the market for organic food products is witnessing a surge.

The growth of the industry is apparent from the rise of online retailers focusing on organic food products. For instance, Ecotokri, an ecommerce website, is growing at 30-40 per cent month-on-month. Started in 2013, the company offers products throughout the country.

“Our consumers generally have above-average salary packages and can afford organic products. We don’t own any farms but we deal with the companies that act as retailers. We deal directly with farmers only for fresh fruit and vegetables,” says Karnesh Mehrotra, founder of Ecotokri. “Nearly Rs1.25 billion worth of organic products were sold just in Delhi [not the National Capital Region] last year.”

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