Farmers’ markets make most of city foodies

farmer's marketIf you’ve recently found yourself in the land of the $10 pot of yoghurt and the $5 tomato, you’re probably at a farmers’ market. Originally formed to connect rural producers and food makers directly with city consumers, the farmers’ market is slowly entering the mainstream of retaili
ng even as it continues it stringent rules to delineated it from other “markets”.
Australian Farmers’ Market Association director Jane Adams says the first farmers’ markets started in Victoria in 1999 and when AFMA held its first conference in 2003, it hosted 35 market operators. By 2009 there were 100 farmers’ markets in Australia and AFMA now covers 170 markets.

Farmers’ markets are becoming very popular. In Melbourne, the large ones see between 5000 and 6000 people flowing through them in one day, and the attraction of them is no longer the hippie-organic fringe.


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