Bee Deaths Mystery Solved? – Part 1

neonicotinoids and beesThis series—Bee Deaths Mystery Solved—specifically examines two controversial studies, both authored by the same researcher, that have become the linchpin for those who argue that bees and potentially the planet are facing a Beemageddon. It addresses:

– Who is Chensheng Lu, the nutritionist who has become the face of the movement claiming that Big Ag is threatening bees, humans and our food supply?
– What are neonicotinoids, the supposed time bomb at the center of the controversy?
– What role have journalists played in mis-reporting the bee death story?
– Do prominent entomologists and beekeepers endorse Lu’s belief that the world faces a “bee crisis” as Lu’s research, held up by activists as seminal and groundbreaking, contends?
– Will—or should—’neonics’ be banned as a precautionary measure?

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source: science 2.0