Should Cambodian rice go organic or focus on mass production?

While the government pushes for an increase in the exportation of rice, individual Cambodian farmers may benefit the most from growing high-quality aromatic organic rice, which has won the first prize in World Best Quality Rice Competition numerous times. Source: Should Cambodian rice go organic or focus on mass …

Organic pork sees growth in Denmark

The retail price of organic pork products is continuing to climb in Denmark through strengthening consumer demand, driven in part by controversies surrounding animal welfare on conventional Danish pig farms Source: Denmark sees growth in organic pork segment

Spain: Organic farming in Galicia up six fold in a decade

While in Galicia, unlike in large plantations of other regions, most products planted are intended for own consumption, the case is different for organic farming. In this sense, many Galician farms have identified the business opportunity of offering a quality, differentiated product, and this has in fact become …

Who is behind organic food brands

Consumers may not know that these 92 organic food brands are owned by some of the nation’s largest food processors. Source: Who is behind organic brands – Washington Post

Making your farm more profitable

Make informed decisions around labor management and investing in new equipment. Track, extrapolate and weigh labor costs and capacity against hiring staff or investing in tractors or other equipment. Source: Making your farm more profitable – Providence Sustainable Living |

Organic Fairs in May 2015.

List of Organic Fairs May 2015: 1. Europe (Malaga, Spain) NATURA MALAGA Trade fair for organic products, health and wellness. 01. – 03. 05. Exhibitors 90, Visitors 7.000 2. Australia (Sydney, Australia) NATURALLY GOOD Trade Show for The Natural & Organic Products Industry. 03. – …