Australian dairy farmers offered premium for organic milk

Australian Consolidated Milk (ACM), in Northern Victoria has offered farmers a guaranteed premium of $8/kg (42 c/l) for two years if they convert to organic milk production. ACM will have organic milk in the shops in February from 30 suppliers who are well on with their conversion to organic milk production. The company will produce UHT and …

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Urban Agriculture : Inspiring And Innovative Hydroponic Farming System

As the need for sustainable development increases, farmers are needed to come up with innovative ideas to sustain the economy. One of such innovations is that of an epidemiologist who has decided to contribute her quota to providing fresh food for urban areas like Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, using a hydroponic system that enables her …



Ready to have Market Data as Close as your Smartphone? Here We Go!

USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) hosted a webinar on an exciting new initiative to provide unbiased market data to users digitally. Called the Market Analysis & Reporting Services (MARS), this dynamic, innovative technology will assist USDA Market News in collecting and distributing information electronically from remote …

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The best kept secret in organic farming

The “best kept secret in Ireland” for generations has been revealed in the nutrient boost that red clover can deliver to beef producers from ensuring a generous measure of the plant in silage. It was among the key words of advice to the hundreds of farmers at the Teagasc organic beef open day on the farm of John Purcell, at Golden, … – Business Platform


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